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Dolphin Places offer you the chance to experience dolphins around the world. Please take a look at places to encounter & swim with the dolphins around the world.

Auckland's Dolphin and Whale Safari
The ultimate safari where you can experience marine mammal right in the centre of Auckland. The scenic highlights of Auckland and its surrounding islands, as well as the encounter of dolphins and whales in the beautiful Hauraki Gulf.
Aukland, New Zealand

Brookfield Zoo
The mission of the Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo:
To inspire conservation leadership by connecting people with wildlife and nature.
The vision of the Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo:
To be the preeminent zoological institution working with people to achieve a more harmonious and sustainable relationship with nature.
3300 Golf Road
Brookfield, IL 60513
(708) 485-0263 

Christchurch Wildlife Cruises, Private Charters, Ferry & Island Adventures
New Zealand
Telephone: +64 3 328 9078
Fax: +64 3 328 8699


Booking Online Dolphin Swims

Dolphin World Dolphin World is a booking agency created to inform and enlighten the public on the many different locations, activities and packages offered relating to swimming with the dolphins. It boasts over 12 stunning and miraculous destinations to swim with dolphins. In addition to this, it offer several differing types of programs, including the dolphin touch, the dolphin trainer, the dolphin encounter and of course the dolphin swim. Each starting at very low affordable costs as you would see on the website if you went to it. Dolphin World is the key to see a wide variety of choices to satisfy any vacationers wants and needs involving  swimming with dolphins in Florida or any other marine animals activities. Swimming with Dolphins in Florida Dolphin World, is a great place to come and swim with dolphins, its courteous and friendly staff  will ensure you are up to date with all the many offers and promotions, packages and prices, locations and destinations. If you are intereste…

Theater of the Sea

Things To Do In Islamorada Since 1946, Theater of the Sea, has been providing quality swim with dolphin experiences for audiences in the USA and all around the globe. It is the second oldest marine mammal facility in the world. Its natural salt water lagoon was originally a quarry that supplied rock for Henry Flagler’s famous railroad which opened the Keys to the rest of the country in the early 1900’s. Today the lagoon is home to Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, California Sea Lions, Sea Turtles, Tropical and Game Fish, Sharks, Stingrays and other forms of marine life. Not to mention, over 17acres of finely manicured gardens also display many different exotic animals and wildlife, which are overall a great asset and cultural history to Theater of the Sea. Islandmorda Florida Keys Attractions The beautiful destination of Islamorada, a breathtaking island in the Florida Key, has many educational and recreational activities to participant in. If you are looking for things to do in Islamor…

Island Dolphin Care

Dolphin Assisted Therapy Island Dolphin Care is a special facility for those among us who are not as fortunate as everyone else, for those with certain disabilities, like MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Cerebral Palsy, and those that are Autistic. They provide very specific tailor made programs for each child that walks through their door. They don't have a regular program for the regular public. This program is for those that need special care and attention. They create an environment that will reinforce certain lifelong building characters, like trust, confidence, self worth, motivation, and in general happiness. These characteristics are crucial for children born or inherited with these conditions, as they need them to function properly in an ever changing multi dynamic world. With Island Dolphin Care, a special needs child are in the best hands they could be in and could experience a positive change in their life. A Florida Program for Special Needs Children Island Dolphin Care take…

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium Information Miami Seaquarium has a rich legacy that bestows great history and pride to such a note worthy place. A place where dreams can come alive and fantasies turn to realities. Imagine if you will, a paradise filled with marine type animals in every direction, not only the legendary dolphins, but many different types of marine  animals. The dolphin shows exhibited are enough to turn heads from every direction, death defying stunts that the dolphins execute with such grace and ease. Marine animal tours that transport you to another realm, where the animals seem to be right by your side and you get a once in a lifetime experience, only at the Miami Seaquarium. Miami Vacation Dolphin Programs Many people inquire where they can swim with dolphins. They ask, "where in the US are good locations to swim with dolphins?" Without a doubt, Miami Seaquarium, is the place to be, with so many different activities, the Dolphin Odyssey or Dolphin Encounter, who could …

Marineland Florida

Marineland Marineland Florida, could be considered the original swim with the dolphins facility, they started primarily to do shows and films dealing with marine life in 1938, and it has easily developed itself into one of the must successful marine animal locations in and around the US. After some time, experiences with the dolphins and interacting with them has become more and more commonplace, Marineland has become one of the main attractions for people all over the world to come and swim and interact with the dolphins. Needless to say, because Marine had the early start in the Marine Animal industry, it has become one leader in the industry. Florida Vacation at Marineland Marineland, the beginning of a promising future for the lives of one of earths most intelligent creatures, the dolphins and having a historical start in the Hollywood industry, it was without a doubt the leading contributor to this Marineland's legacy and publicity that soon pushed it to forefront in the new…

Gulf World Marine Park

Gulf World The Gulf World Marne Park is a place of wonder and majesty, perfection and mystic beauty, see the crystal clear waters of the ocean blue, and experience the gentle touch of the graceful dolphin, feel the cool fresh water and sea breeze hit your face as the dolphins go swimming by. It is truly an experience to behold. Established in 1969, it was originally created for the purpose of enlightenment to the public of the marine ecosystems and wildlife, as to get people more aware of the critical situations plaguing the environment from a marine science perspective. However since then, Gulf World has become a hit and a main attraction across America, to come and swim with the dolphins, trainer of the day, dolphin camp, that show exotic reptiles and birds, of all different shapes colors and lengths. If you want an experience of a lifetime, look no further come visit the Gulf World Marine Park. Panama City Beach Florida Gulf WorldGulf World a dynamic and interesting place to swim …
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