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Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium Information

Miami Seaquarium has a rich legacy that bestows great history and pride to such a note worthy place. A place where dreams can come alive and fantasies turn to realities. Imagine if you will, a paradise filled with marine type animals in every direction, not only the legendary dolphins, but many different types of marine  animals. The dolphin shows exhibited are enough to turn heads from every direction, death defying stunts that the dolphins execute with such grace and ease. Marine animal tours that transport you to another realm, where the animals seem to be right by your side and you get a once in a lifetime experience, only at the Miami Seaquarium.

Miami Vacation Dolphin Programs

Many people inquire where they can swim with dolphins. They ask, "where in the US are good locations to swim with dolphins?" Without a doubt, Miami Seaquarium, is the place to be, with so many different activities, the Dolphin Odyssey or Dolphin Encounter, who could resist this location to swim with the majestic dolphins. Miami seaquarium holds some of the best marine mammal shows, Dolphins, Killer Whale, and Sea Lions in the US. Each show comfortably seat many guests and the shows are included in the price of the dolphin interaction. This will surely give any vacationer their moneys worth, so contact the Miami Seaquarium and get your Miami seaquarium information today, to truly enjoy and make the best of your vacation.

Telephone: (305) 361-5705
Miami, Florida U.S.A.
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