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Island Dolphin Care

Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Island Dolphin Care is a special facility for those among us who are not as fortunate as everyone else, for those with certain disabilities, like MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Cerebral Palsy, and those that are Autistic. They provide very specific tailor made programs for each child that walks through their door. They don't have a regular program for the regular public. This program is for those that need special care and attention. They create an environment that will reinforce certain lifelong building characters, like trust, confidence, self worth, motivation, and in general happiness. These characteristics are crucial for children born or inherited with these conditions, as they need them to function properly in an ever changing multi dynamic world. With Island Dolphin Care, a special needs child are in the best hands they could be in and could experience a positive change in their life.

A Florida Program for Special Needs Children

Island Dolphin Care takes care of those with certain conditions such as Autism, Multiple sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy with dolphin assisted therapy. The dolphins therapy that occurs here are varied and distinguished from the average trained dolphin swim that the public would get. That is because this type of experience is made purely to reinforce certain values within the children. For example, a child is asked to feed the dolphin. He must take the small fish and give it to the dolphin. This one exercise, while seemingly simplistic and ordinary, actually has a lot of psychological characteristics that bolster confidence, self worth and even trust. The child must trust in their own ability to reach out and feed the dolphin. They must be confident in the thought that the dolphin will not reject the fish and therefore metaphorically reject themselves. The child experiences self worth when the dolphin does indeed take the fish and has accepted the child's gift, which grants a certain appeal of self accomplishment and worth that allows the child to be happy. All in all, the therapy involved have been tested and refined over many years of practice. Truly, Dolphin Island Care is a blessing to its immediate community, Florida, and the children all over the world.

Telephone: (305) 451-5884
Key Largo, Florida U.S.A.
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